The ball will be lost easier than to get it back

Get the ball to me and it's going to fall at the same time and in the same direction and I like that.

This might be why I have not been so good at getting the ball to my teammates, just so I know. And once you're in that. You're in that zone, and it just becomes natural. I think so much more about where you want it to go when I have it set up the way I want it to go.

🏊‍♀️ 🛒 😅

I can make a good pass when I want to make a good pass. When I'm in that. You know. Just play basketball, and that's all I ask out of it all the time. You know I'm going to take this ball and you know I'm going to pass it to Denny. I want Denny to be able to make a great pass, because I know he can make a great pass. Just have confidence in everything Denny does. When we pass to him, we need to feel confident in that. When we throw a lob to him, we need to know where he's gonna get it. When we throw a post, we need to have confidence in his ability, you know. When we run the pick and roll, we need to know the rotation and the timing of where he's gonna get the ball. He's a very quick player, a very quick player too.

becomes natural

We have to always stay in-phase with him. Don't get into a big thing that he's a big guy. Don't get into anything that he's a big guy. Just give him a little bit of time to make a good pass to you, and to make his decisions and make that play. Always stay in-phase, trust in everything he does, it's the same way I do it. A lot of times Denny is going to look at just the ball but no matter, he is going to get it back to play.