Done training is better than a perfect training plan

How to ensure that your best plan is a great plan. Are you ready? You want to train for a marathon, but the real problem is that you haven't trained for the marathon.

If you're like most people, your real problem is that you haven't trained for the marathon. Some of us have never run a marathon, some of us have only trained for a few weeks running to prepare for a marathon. For the most part, most runners do training plans, but for a long time they don't execute them. There's a lot of wrong with running without a plan, and you could save yourself years of training pain by reading my plans on making a good training plan. The good news is, I've done the hard things, and now I'm sharing what I've learned!

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If you are looking for a plan to get you to training for a marathon, here are the details: I'm going to show you a plan that is a perfect training plan, and how to get it. My name is Tom, and I am the author of The Plan for Running Longer. If you want to run a marathon, and train for it, you need my plan. This plan is not based on a single race strategy. This plan is for everything. This plan is easy to use, and is designed to work with all training methods, including the old and new.

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This plan is built on the simple principle that you are going to train hard over the course of a few months, and you're going to train smart over the course of a year. I teach over a 100,000 people how to do it, and every single person I train is the best runner in the world. By the end of this book, you will have a plan that will help to get you to training for a marathon and beyond. As I explain in the book, the only way to train well is to do the hard things first, and then the hard things again. This means doing hard things over and over rather than doing them in a little bit blocks over and under.