Do a full-body strength workout twice or three times per week

Before I would do at least six days with a full-body workout and then go two days without one.

Do a full-body workout for 30 seconds – 1 minute each at the end of the day if you can. You might want to do a single lifting set of the bench press and barbell curl and then switch to the other movement to give you a full-body workout. Make sure you do each set with a good amount of weight.

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Try to go with your shoulders. Week 2 Monday Barbell Fly Push Press Barbell Bench Curl Barbell Bench Press Wednesday Bench Hip Raise Barbell Fly Push Press Barbell Barbell Curl Weighted Barbell Bench Press Barbell Curl Thursday Barbell Barbell Curl Friday Barbell Curl Wednesday Grip Training Week One On day one you don’t work with the barbells, you use the bar as a “stick” to push your body into a stretch. In the first day you do a warm-up to get your muscles warm and working before you do your strength exercises. You could lift the bar off the rack or try to use your own body weight. You will use a different grip for each exercise.

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I like working with barbells to the left hand and a grip that feels best to me then switching to the opposite hand as I go. Week 3 you will do the same routine on day two, except that you will use your heavy jump rope for your strength training in place of the barbells.